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Enables provision of content services based on voice recognition technology.

Do you want to include voice recognition in the content provided by your company? Do you want to develop content for smartphones and tablets that takes advantage of voice recognition technology?
Mobile application development solutions from Advanced Media give you access to reliable voice recognition technologies along with support and consulting services backed by extensive development experience.

AmiVoice Cloud

Voice interface as a cloud service!
Compatible with a wide variety of terminals,
including smartphones, tablets, car navigation,
smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

AmiVoice Cloud is a cloud service that allows companies to easily and rapidly use voice recognition and incorporate it into their systems.


Feature 1Not dependent on terminal specifications

Gives service users access to high-speed, high-precision voice recognition using the robust memory and CPU capacity of a cloud environment. Compatibility with multiple platforms, including PCs, smartphones (iOS, Android), and tablet terminals, means the service can be used in a broad range of scenarios.

Feature 2The latest voice recognition dictionaries and noise-resistant acoustic models are available.

Available dictionaries include general-use dictionaries, as well as voice recognition dictionaries that can be used in a wide range of fields. Acoustic models make adjustments based on the acoustic conditions of various specific environments, including car interiors, to achieve even more accurate voice recognition.

Feature 3Simple development, no maintenance

An available SDK can be easily embedded in client applications. Upon implementation, we provide in-depth consulting based on our extensive experience and expertise.

Feature 4Increased added value

Services include a transcription service to revise content acquired via voice recognition for greater accuracy; a voice dialogue service that includes intention interpretation for content spoken into the terminal by the user; and other high-quality cloud services.

Feature 5Reliable security

The security provided is of a standard satisfactory for corporate use. Voice data and recognition-result text can be stored appropriately during use and instantly deleted after voice recognition processing is completed. Another option allows users to locate the voice recognition server on the premises.

AmiVoice SDK for
iOS / Android / Windows

Allows users to embed voice recognition
functions into various applications.

This development kit allows users to embed term, command, and text recognition functions into applications that run on various operating systems. Drawing on our extensive know-how and advanced embedding expertise as a dedicated voice recognition firm, we provide comprehensive support for customer development work.


Feature 1Support for embedding functions in accordance with customer needs

Allows easy embedding of various functions, ranging from term input and voice command control to the development of applications incorporating text entry and dialogue functions.

Feature 2Also allows recognition of specialized terminology and other unique terms.

The terms and commands that need to be recognized can be registered for the user (rule grammar). Allows use of specialized dictionaries for text recognition, along with a large- vocabulary continuous speech recognition engine containing terms used in everyday conversation.

Feature 3Allows users to select the voice recognition method based on terminal specifications and the operating environment.

For entering text on a smartphone: We recommend the server-use type (DSR type) to minimize loads on terminals.
For term entry or command operation in operating environments without network lines: Term and command recognition can be implemented for use even in stand-alone environments.

AmiVoice SDK for iOS / Android / Windows Configuration

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