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代表取締役会長兼社長 代表執行役員 鈴木 清幸

AmiVoice is making it possible to communicate with machines as part of our everyday lives.

 Service-oriented businesses that target cell center, medical, mobile, and other sectors are expected to flourish in the 21st century. Yet the quality of these services will ultimately depend on effective communications, particularly that between humans and computers. Driven by AmiVoice, this once futuristic notion is fast becoming a reality.
Our goal is to achieve Human Communication Integration, or HCI, an integrated state wherein people can use natural communication to benefit from machines and computers. In this context, AmiVoice has a vital role to play in nearly every facet of industry and society.
HCI is already in use for simple and complex tasks alike?including everything from taking meeting notes to running specialized applications in call centers, cloud service companies, and the medical industry. HCI is also expanding into the global arena, making important contributions in fields such as education, logistics, and energy management. As the future unfolds, the spotlight is certain to shine on HCI and AmiVoice.

Kiyoyuki Suzuki
President and CEO