Conference Proceedings

Speech at meetings, interviews, seminars, and other venues converted to text via voice recognition
Significantly reduces the time and cost associated with meeting minutes and transcriptions.

Preparing minutes for meetings and conferences is time consuming. Outsourcing costs money.
Solutions from Advanced Media help solve issues related to the preparation of minutes and transcriptions.

Minutes Preparation
Support System

All speech converted to text
Fast, accurate preparation of minutes

Converts speech to text in real time at meetings and conferences, thus making it easier to prepare meeting minutes, lowering costs, and improving security.


Feature 1Voice recognition engine customized for customers

Converts the speech of unspecified individuals to text with a high level of precision, creates a dedicated dictionary based on a customer’s past minutes data, identifies proper nouns (such as people and locations), and even deals with different dialects.

Feature 2Simple revisions and editing of only those areas affected by recognition errors

Use the AmiVoice Rewriter dedicated editing software to simply and efficiently revise and edit text containing recognition errors while listening to the voice source.

Feature 3Converts voice to text two to three times faster.

Use the AmiVoice Recorder voice recognition software with the AmiVoice Rewriter editing software to perform text conversion two to three times faster than by conventional transcription.

Minutes Production Process

Implementation Benefits

Dramatically reduces the time needed to produce minutes.

Converts speech to text in near real time at meetings and other venues, dramatically reducing the time needed to produce meeting minutes.

Helps to visualize the decision-making process.

Using voice recognition technology allows you to efficiently compile otherwise burdensome full-text minutes. It also creates a visual representation of a meeting’s content to promote rapid and effective decision-making.

Cuts costs associated with staffing, outsourcing, and other requirements.

The Minutes Production Support System allows completion of work in 90 minutes to three hours, including editing work, thereby reducing personnel or outsourcing costs associated with producing minutes.

Expedites information disclosure.

The Minutes Production Support System accelerates information disclosure for urgent press conferences, meeting newsletters, preliminary reports, or meeting information to be posted on a company’s website.

Related Products

AmiVoice Recorder

An application for voice recording and recognition
Converts speech content to text in near real time. Compatible with all major voice files; also converts recorded voice files into text. Automatically displays the name of the person speaking using voiceprint data so you can automatically identify each speaker.

AmiVoice Rewriter

An application that allows editing of voice recognition results while listening to the voice data, thus allowing you to write in any file format required by the customer.

AmiVoice ControlServer

An application for creating minutes in real time while a meeting is under way. Allows real-time recognized voice data to be concurrently edited by multiple people, thus reducing work load and improving efficiency.

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