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Visualization of conversations to convert customer speech to usable data

Call centers face a variety of issues, from raising the efficiency of operations and improving response quality to classifying and analyzing conversations and compliance measures.
With solutions from Advanced Media, many of the problems faced by call centers can be solved.

Communication Suite2

Customer conversations converted to text in real-time on servers

AmiVoice Communication Suite2 is a system for using server processing to perform real-time voice recognition of customer conversations, the first* such solution for the call-center industry. Real-time voice recognition can be used without any negative impact from telephones, client terminals, or other parts of the work environment. (* based on Advanced Media's independent research)


Feature 1Voice captured from IP-PBX and real-time voice recognition performed on the server side

Performing voice recognition processing on a server can reduce the load on client terminals.

Feature 2Improved voice quality for recordings

Recordings are not affected by telephone echo, resulting in improved voice quality and more precise voice recognition on the customer side.

Feature 3Conversations can be linked.

With our conventional product, AmiVoice Assist, there were cases when a call that is transferred or put on hold would be managed in separate files for phone system-related reasons. With AmiVoice Communication Suite2, however, processing is performed on the server, so even if a call is put on hold or transferred the conversations can now be linked to each other.

Implementation Benefits

Thin client compatibility

Voice recognition processing is performed on the server, with client terminals only needing to display the results. As a result, no load is placed on client terminals, and conversations can be converted into text in real time, even in a thin client environment.

Easy to track related conversations

One recorded file is saved for each conversation; the call is not split up even if it is put on hold. Also, even if the call is transferred, it is linked as a related conversation and displayed on the conversation details screen of AmiVoice SpeechVisualizer, thus improving operational efficiency by making conversations easy to find.


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