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AI Virtual Agent

Rapidly leads a customer to the right menu/service without an endless key press

Getting lost in the IVR is a nightmare for a customer.
AmiVoice Intelligent Call Routing eliminates the traditional announcement and button pressing. With solutions from Amivoice, customer is able to speak what they want by using speech recognition together with natural language understanding technology.

AmiVoice AI Virtual Agent

Enhance the customer sastisfaction by reducing a time spent in IVR

With our solution, the organization can also improve their quality of service in may aspects such as reduce the waiting time, average talk time, number of repeated call and number of abandon call


Feature 1Support Voice / Natural Speech

Bypass the IVR with a speech, a customer is allowed to speak what they want naturally.

Feature 2Complete the service by voice

On top of AICR, AmiVoice Speech Enabled Self Service allows a customer to complete the service/inquiry by a speech. It analyse the customer's speech and ask for the missing information to complete the service/inquiry via a API

Implementation Benefits

Improve customer satisfaction

The customer spends less time for a IVR journey and can quickly complete their request by themselves

Reduce an average talk time

Before a call is routed to the agent, all necessary information will be captured. For example, customer would like to book a flight ticket from Bangkok to Khon Kaen on Tuesday morning As a result, the agent can continue on the complex parts without asking for those information

Offload call

Even the customer can be routed to the destination, most of the times, they still have to wait for an available agent to complete their requests. With AmiVoice Self Service, the customers are allowed to quickly complete their basic requests/inquiries without any help from the agent

Reduce a number of abandon call

According to the reduce of the average talk time and call offloaded, the workload of agents is also decreased. Hence, the number of waiting queue should be reduced as well as the number of abandon calls

Reduce a operation cost

Unlike an actual agent, the virtual agent can support customers 24/7 at the same time with the same standard In term of IT, the shorten time spent in the IVR can also reflect the reduce in the number of IVR license required


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