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Voice-controlled creation of medical certificates and reports allows doctors to see even more patients.

Entering information into a computer following a patient diagnosis can be an uncomfortable and time-consuming process. Efficient hands-free input allows doctors to see more patients.
Solutions from Advanced Media allow users to enter information just by speaking, thus resolving many issues faced by medical institutions.

Amivoice Ex7

Improves the quality of medical care
by making it easier to enter medical text.

With this software, users can create text simply by speaking into a microphone, thus allowing input directly into electronic medical charts (a core task at medical institutions), as well as the creation of drug administration instructions and radiogram interpretation reports and the preparation of patient referral documents.


Feature 1Easy to use for anyone

Once installed, the software can be easily used without prior instruction.

Feature 2Includes specialized medical dictionaries.

The software includes specialized medical dictionaries for the efficient creation of specialized medical text.

Feature 3Reduced input time

Allows entry of information at the same speed as the spoken voice, reducing input time compared to keyboard entry.

Voice Input System for Medical Institutions

Implementation Benefits

Reduced fatigue

Eliminates the need to sit in the same position and enter information from a keyboard, thus preventing shoulder stiffness and tendon strain. Eye strain is also minimized due to the reduction in screen time.

Enhanced input content

Easy input makes it possible to enter information that would otherwise be omitted by keyboard entry. Voice entry of specialized terms that are difficult to enter by keyboard facilitates the creation of more detailed documents.

Focus on the primary work of medical care

Reduces the time required to create medical documents, creating more time for interviews with patients and promoting better patient/provider relationships.

Implementation Examples

A total of 35,000 licenses have been implemented by approximately 12,000 users, primarily university hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics throughout Japan.

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